Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

The fleece from Black Welsh Mountain sheep is naturally black with gorgeous reddish brown tips. It is generally shorter on average that the fleece of other breeds of sheep. The average fleece weighs anywhere from 2-4 pounds and has a staple length of 2-4 inches.  Although considered a medium wool with a spin count of between 48 and 56, there is considerable variation in size and texture along the length of the sheep. While the shoulder area produces the softest fiber, the britch tends to be coarser, and the back and sides are shorter.  There is a spiral shaped crimp that adds a nice bulkiness, resilience, and elasticity to the fiber, making it ideal for a variety of projects including sweaters, socks, gloves, and outerwear.  Its bounce and strength also make it suitable in combination with other wools, an added bonus for those spinners and knitters who like to work with a variety of fibers and textures.

Icelandic Sheep

The average Icelandic fleece weighs between 5 and 7 pounds. It is probably the most versatile fleece to work with because it is dual coated.  The outer coat, or tog, is longer and the staple can range from 8 to 10 inches if shorn twice a year, or as much as 18 inches if shorn only once a year. It is a medium wool with a 50-53 spinning count and very little crimp. It is ideal for durable items like woven rugs because it tends to be coarser.  The undercoat, or thel, is much finer with a 65-70 spinning count and a staple length of 3-4 inches.  Often considered as soft and luxurious as cashmire, it is ideal for garments worn next to the skin like baby clothes, mittens, and other delicate projects.  When both coats are carded together, the result is a garment that is warm but lightweight, sturdy but soft at the same time.  Beautiful Icelandic sweaters, hats and socks are just some of the projects that can be created by spinning both coats together in this way.  Icelandic fleece is a truly versatile fiber, one that can be appreciated by spinners, knitters and felters alike.


All of our raw fleeces are lightly skirted so that you will be getting the full range of lengths and textures from each sheep without a large amount of vegetable matter.

We have a limited quantity of Black Welsh Mountain fleeces, Icelandic fleeces, and Black Welsh crossed with Dorset/Suffolk, or Texel fleeces.


$20 for a full raw fleece

$20 for 2 half raw fleeces