Week 4 – Farm Basket




August 27

Welcome to Week 4! What could be in your basket this week:

Cucumber/Lemon Cucumber
Round and yellow, a perfect serving for one or two people. Lemon cucumbers have a thin skin with a milder flavor than a regular cucumber’s.

The carrots are looking great this week, they are tender and crisp. Store your carrots in a bag in the fridge.

Green Beans
Everybody will get green beans this week!

Beets are sweet and delicious. Check out our Pinterest link below to for a guide on how to prep beets and some delicious recipes.

Definitely refrigerate them for a longer shelf life! The corn you buy in grocery stores is usually a few weeks old (3 weeks on average) so this corn will be the freshest, sweetest corn you’ve ever had. 

You can eat your onions immediately or cure them by placing them outside in shady spot for 2 weeks. Please wash and remove stems of onions before storing.

Zucchini/Eight Ball/Patty Pan
The summer squash family has lots of vitamin A, few calories, and it’s simple to cook.

Once you get home, place the cut stems in a container of water and keep it on the windowsill for about a week.  You can also store basil wrapped in a damp paper towel in the refrigerator drawer for up to 4 days.

Also, be sure to check out our Farm Basket Recipes at Pinterest. We have pinned delicious recipes for the wonderful produce found in your farm basket and also a guide on how long different produce will last.

The contents of the baskets may change through the week as we monitor the fields and harvest what is at its peak.

Drop off/pick up date:
Thursday, AUGUST 27, 4:30-5:15PM at the TMG back entrance.

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Farm Basket 2015 – Week 4