We are waiting and watching, constantly waiting and watching.  All is in readiness, but where are the lambs?  Not one of our very pregnant ewes seems to be in any hurry to get the show on the road!  Our lambing jugs are all set, but they remain empty.  Are they all waiting to go at the same time I wonder?  In the meantime, Francois is keeping us sufficiently amused.  He really needs companions his size to play with, other than the chickens of course.  He does seem to be feeling quite at home in the barn though, apparently enjoying his status as the only one.  He is learning quickly, particularly when it comes to imitating mom.  This morning we found Franny at the round feeder, up on her two hind legs reaching as high as she could.  Sure enough, Francois was right there next to her on his two hind legs, his little body ramrod straight, straining to reach the tastiest morsels which of course were just out of his reach! He is also trying out that all important sheep skill of head butting.  Initially, he started by practicing on our hands and then went immediately to attempting to head butt a fully grown sheep. I don’t think he was taken too seriously, but it was fun to watch.  Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are known to have very good maternal instincts, and Franny, who is a Black Welsh cross is certainly no exception to that rule.  She is doing rather a good job on all fronts.  She makes sure he is safely hidden in between two supports or in a corner  before she wanders off to get food. Unless he is sleeping, he is never far behind.  In the meantime we anxiously wait and watch.  Let the March Madness begin!

Black Welsh Mountain sheep

Where are the lambs?