We have reintegrated Francois into our flock. As he is our only lamb so far, we were a bit concerned about the reception he would get.  He and Franny, his mother,  went in together, while we kept a close eye on the behavior of the other ewes.  There was a bit of curious sniffing at first and then some minor head butting, but Franny was always close at hand remaining on guard.  After quietly observing for an hour, it seemed that Franny was standing her ground, and the rest of the sheep had, for the most part, lost interest in the new arrival, concentrating instead on their normal daily routine of eating, drinking, and chewing.  Just to be sure, we separated them from the flock last night, but then reintroduced them this morning. As soon as the gate opened, Franny didn’t waste any time.  She proudly marched her little one in and immediately circled the round feeder in the center before continuing on a tour of the rest of the barn! She was like a queen on parade showing off her new little prince.  It was the funniest thing to watch.  The flock, all of whom had been contentedly chewing, suddenly got up and started slowly going outside.  For a few minutes she basically had the barn to herself, and her little offspring was now contentedly leaping all around the barn chasing chickens, an activity that I’m sure was a lot more fun than following mommy around all day. Later on in the day, he had moved on from chasing chickens to jumping over sheep, very large and pregnant sheep!   Too bad we didn’t have our camera on hand to take a video. It certainly was the funniest and most memorable moment of the day.


Francois the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Lamb

Francois joins the flock