We have our 1st lamb of the season! Francois arrived at 11am this morning. At least we can be thankful he didn’t decide to appear two days previously while the temperature was at a record low of -9 degrees  Fahrenheit with a wind chill of -27. This morning was a relatively balmy 15 degrees! Witnessing the birth was both awe inspiring and nerve racking at the same time. But we needn’t have worried. Franny is a first time mother, and yet she did a beautiful job.

We arrived at the barn to find her in the early stages of labor. Within two hours, she had given birth to an adorable little 8 pound lamb.  After only a few minutes, his sturdy little legs were struggling to stand up, first the back legs and then the front. He wasted no time searching out nourishment from his mother. Being a first time mother, she was a little more hesitant than he was, but eventually the two bonded and his tiny little tail started happily wagging as he found his target. We did not have to intervene as Franny and her new offspring fell into a comfortable rhythm. Francois is simply adorable as you can see, perfect in every way. And it is obvious looking at Franny that she is the picture of a proud mommy. How special it was to be able to witness this first miracle. We even managed to forget, at least temporarily, about our frozen hands and toes. The lambing season has begun!

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First Lamb of the Season