Were we really complaining about the waiting? Things have suddenly started moving in the barn.  Our lambing jugs are filling up rapidly.  We have three new ewe lambs and our first set of twins, a ram lamb and a ewe lamb.  All except for one of the ewe lambs are from our registered Black Welsh Mountain stock, so we have given them Welsh names.  The twins are Tecwyn and Alys, while the ewe lambs are Arial and Ariana.  Arial, whose Welsh name means ‘vigorous’, was actually the smallest of our newborns. What a difference a week makes!  Arial joined the rest of the flock today and is certainly living up to her name.  She started leaping and cavorting all over the barn much to her mother’s chagrin, of course, who was struggling to keep up.  All pleas to stay by her side were ignored.

Francois, who is now twice the size of the new lambs, is earning a reputation as a bit of a trouble maker.  As the new ones enter the barn, he has been trying to play, or more aptly annoy each of them.  The mothers, on the other hand, are not so happy to see him.  They usually try to hide their little ones so that he can’t find them.  This afternoon, all were contentedly eating their way through the hay when Francois popped up trying to bother Madeline, one of the new little ewe lambs.  The next thing we knew, the little lamb was buried under a mound of hay with only her head showing.  Her mother had decided that camouflage was the best protection against the likes of Francois.  Barely able to see from her nest, Madeline started nibbling happily while her mother munched on the hay that was covering her. The trick worked.  Francois couldn’t figure out where the little one had gone and continued eating right next to the little mound of hay!  Ingenious.  Who would have thought that sheep could be so creative!

While the antics in the big barn offer a pleasant and often hilarious distraction, there is still serious business to attend to.  We continue our waiting and watching. There are many more ewes to go.


Busy! Busy! Busy!