From Our Farm to Your Table

2016 Farm Basket Membership


We are excited to announce that farm CSA baskets are back! You can get fresh, organically grown vegetables for 12 weeks starting July 28th, wrapping up on October 13th. Our pesticide-free, organic vegetables are hand-picked fresh from our fields, washed, packed, and delivered the same day. All the benefits of having your own garden, except your farmers do all the hard work. Limited number of memberships available, so sign up today!

The Details

CSA Basket Content:

Harvest will go from July – October. CSA Basket weight will vary according to
the vegetables that are ready to harvest in our garden. The baskets will be
lighter in the beginning of the season and heavier towards the end.


Membership Fee – $30
*Must be paid by April 29th
Small Basket – $15.00 per week or $165 for the season ($15 pre-pay discount)
Large Basket – $25.00 per week or $285 for the season ($15 pre-pay discount)
*Full season payments must be paid in full by July 15th.


CSA Members who purchase 12 weeks will receive our large oval basket at the
end of the season (sample on display in Nick’s office). Dimensions: 16”- 20”
long x 8”- 10” wide x 10”- 12” tall.


  • Provide membership fee (cash or check) to Nick by April 29th.
  • Then pay the full season rate ($15 discount) by July 15th or pay weekly (check/preferred or cash) when picking up your basket at the TMG office
  • Large baskets will be delivered on Tuesday at 4:30pm
  • Small baskets will be delivered on Thursdays at 4:30pm

If you can’t pick up your basket for a particular week, think about paying it
forward to a co-worker.

Here is a sampling of the different items your basket may contain, mother nature permitting:

Carrots Lettuce
Beets Pumpkin
Squash Onion
Tomato Cabbage
Swiss Chard Leeks
Peas  Watermelon
Basil Oregano
Turnip Kale
Sweet Peppers Gooseberries
Brussels Sprout Cucumber
Cauliflower Zucchini
Corn Butternut
Brokali Celery
Bok Choy Jalapeno Peppers
Purple Beans Green Beans
Chinese Cabbage and more . .

Our fair trade market baskets are hand-woven in Ghana, made from elephant grass. They come in assorted colors and no two are alike.
The baskets have leather handles made from goat skin for durability and comfort and is naturally tanned using seeds and red millet. The proceeds from these baskets help to provide healthcare and school supplies for the village weavers.